Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hainan Joy Cafe, Taman Megah

Dragged the sibling there for lunch on Sunday. Parking wasn't too hard but that's because it's Sunday and we don't mind parking a little further anyway... 

Anyhow, I thought the lunch menu items were a little limited (but they have the usual Hainanese staples like chicken chop and all that), but to be fair they're a bakery first, cafe second so they have plenty of cakes and pastries. I ordered chicken rice and the sibling ordered the mutton stew. For what they're charging (RM 9.90), at least patrons get to choose what cut of chicken they want (thigh, breast, etc, drumstick was RM1 more). Tired of breast meat or chicken wing, I opted for chicken thigh.

Chicken rice was edible - chicken was the boiled variety (which I figured because there wasn't a choice between boiled and roasted in the menu that I noticed), rice was alright, soup (which had potatoes and carrots) was alright. Like how some people judge satay by the sauce, I also judge it by the chilli sauce, more so as a person of Hainanese descent. At least they were generous with the chilli and ginger - each came in seperate containers that you can scoop to your heart's content. Also had an interesting time trying to communicate to the non-local server that I wanted a condiment saucer - he didn't quite get what I meant and he brought an actual plate the first time, but he got it right in the end. (It's probably also my fault because I don't remember what the Cantonese term for it was). The Hainan tea I ordered was decent and like some chain coffee places: it comes to you teh-C (with cream), so you add your own sugar. Glad that they have brown sugar and not white. 

The sibling's mutton stew (comes with rice) was a little too herb-y for my taste, which was a good thing that I didn't order that for myself or I'd have a tough time finishing it. 

53, Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya