Saturday, 25 January 2014

Free pun susah... at Parkson Pavilion's Brow Bar

Another year, another free birthday eyebrow service at Benefit Cosmetics's Brow Bar. For a change in scenery, I made an appointment at Pavilion's Parkson because I had other things to do in the area too, so what the heck - lump everything in one go, I say. 

By the time I got to the counter, there was only ONE person (counter manager, it turns out) working the Brow Bar who was already juggling a couple of ladies who were getting their brows tinted (don't ask - I don't know much about it, either) and was told to come back in another hour. So fine. I went around and came back next hour; she was still juggling the same people (yes, the brow tinting) and it also seemed like the non Brow Bar sales advisors were nowhere to be seen. One woman dynamo lah, she, holding up the fort liddat but you would think that the waxers would plan their lunch break a little better. I didn't just walk by and decided to do it on a whim, you know.

This time, I was told to just take a seat and wait for a bit for her other colleagues to come back (from lunch? what?). Since I was a little exhausted, I took a load off and flipped through the eyebrow book by Cameron Tuttle. While I was sitting there, she was lamenting her colleagues' scheduling FUBAR and still tinting brows. While waiting, another lady showed up for her waxing appointment, who also had to wait. 

Fortunately one of the young ladies finally got back and seemed pretty new because she was getting instructed on the paperwork involved. That, and both the absent waxers got chewed out (out of earshot of course, but you can tell). By the time I got done, the tinting was just finished and one of the ladies decided to wax them too. 

Since it was free, I can't complain too much about it; had I been an actual paying customer or was paying for parking by the hour (took public transport) and this happened to me, I would be LIVID. All I got for my trouble were angpow packets, which were cute I guess, but still..