Monday, 6 January 2014

128 Faubourg Salon by Sothys, 1 Utama

I've walked past the place for years. Several months ago I got a RM100 voucher off their treatments and since their first-timer prices are also not too bad, I went with that first, saving the voucher for next time. Called them spur of the moment on Saturday afternoon to ask if they had an opening for a facial the same day. Told them I was new when asked who my "beautician" was. Got squeezed in for a 5.30 p.m. slot, which gave me a little less than an hour to get there (getting there is not a problem, finding parking was) after having to drive the grandmother and drop my pants off for alteration at the Gap. 

Sat down, and I had to fill out an intake form, some of which I had to clarify with the (erm, unfortunate) beautician (Wan Ching), to make sure that we're all on the same page about the terminology. There's even a section on the form asking my massage pressure preference. She then used the machine on me to check my hydration, elasticity, sebum levels, etc. Because it was raining outside and I had been rushing and sweating (not on the face), my hydration and elasticity levels were through the roof (unusual, according to her). According to the machine, I literally have thin skin and huge-ass pores (as I suspected all along). She told me that I would have to re-scanned next time to make sure it wasn't a fluke. 

After discussing her recommendations and my budget, she led me to an empty room behind, left me to change into a fluffy gown (with velcro fastening) and shower cap and soaked my feet in the bubbling foot bath. Dried the feet before tucking me in on the table with the nice, fluffy white duvet before she commenced the facial by having me inhale a calming scent beforehand. Then there's the usual cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, ampoule application/face massage, mask, moisturizer and eye cream. I appreciated her telling me what she was doing. The shoulder massage wasn't too bad either. There was also eyebrow trimming, which I certainly wasn't expecting. But since the eyebrow razor was used, it'll grow back soon enough :P 

Vivifying Treatment for Normal/Combination Skin 
This treatment is to be used as a follow up treatment to maintain skin from previous treatments. A treatment with cell renewing properties to boost a healthy complexion and revitalize skin to restore its natural, luminous glow and radiance. Perfect for tired, slightly dehydrated skins that lack vitality. Duration : 1 hour and 15 minutes

I get really fidgety when the mask is applied and the beautician leaves to let me "sleep". I envy anyone who can sleep during facials and massages; I'm just too anxious and paranoid for that sort of thing. But it was pretty relaxing, even the extraction part. I probably would be a little more relaxed if I didn't have to keep up conversation with the beautician, but it was fine. 

When I went back outside, I got a cup of tea with some savoury biscuits. The poor lady didn't even have time to hard sell me packages or products because I needed to go to the bathroom badly. And I wanted to have dinner and be home before Masterchef was on. 

All in all, not bad. But if I wanted to use the voucher, it might have to wait until after CNY, if you get what I mean ;)