Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Where to buy Nissan Almera?

I have been shopping around for cars – not because I can finally afford one, but just to see what the local car buying market is like (this protecting the local car industry is a bit BS, in my opinion). Because I don’t consider myself a car person per se, I don’t like going to individual car show rooms (not by myself anyway, because I feel preyed upon) until I’m ready to actually purchase, it’s actually less stressful to browse online.  And you don’t even have to get dressed, leave the house, waste petrol and cause wear and tear on your car driving around to different car lots, dealers or show rooms.

One of the things I like about is that you can search the listings by location – no need to waste your time and energy looking at car listings in Perlis when you are based in the Klang Valley.

Other handy features of Carsifu are the car loan calculator: just plug in the loan amount, interest rate, and the number of years it takes to service the loan and voila, you get your monthly instalment tout suite!

Just for the heck of it, I’ve been looking at listings for the Nissan Almera, which looks such a pretty car. 

My only niggle is that you can not search the listings by ascending/descending price, which is important especially if you have a budget that you would rather stick to. 

I don't know if it's just me, or... what is up with the "Car Comments" section on the site? It's not so much user reviews but are just press releases / pieces about the cars that you could possibly find elsewhere online or in the car magazines. Or if you don't like to read, just watch the British car show Top Gear.

Just a thought.