Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week 51, 2013

It's the last shopping weekend before Christmas on Wednesday. It's also Winter Solstice, so have a good one.
  • Premium car service, alternative to KL's cab situation, Uber is finally in KL and and celebrating with signup coupon codes (if you're curious, you can sign up with my referral code here and we both get RM30 off an Uber ride) and the RM1 rides from KLCC limited time promo which I'm not sure I'll ever get to try. I only hope that it at least extends to PJ in the future, and UberX (which I read is cheaper than regular Uber?). I'll report back if I ever try it out.
  • Checked out the PJ International (hah) Festival happening in PJ New Town, in front and around the MBPJ, on Sunday because the 'rents wanted to take advantage of the reduced cukai pintu incentive they got for the weekend (you have to pay for the entire 2014 period; it's only 10% off). My mum not just paid ours, but also her siblings'. But the wait to pay seemed forever because it felt like most of PJ also wanted cheaper cukai pintu
  • It took three hours to drive to LCCT and back in this monsoon. T_T FML.
  • Finally got my copy of Bro, Don't Like That La, Bro: Here Comes The Bros signed by the author at a book signing event at the Popular Bookstore in Paradigm on Saturday. I'm always the awkward person at these things because I look pretty grouchy coming up to these people, asking them to sign my copy of their book.