Sunday, 8 December 2013

Week 49, 2013

Another monsoon-y week. Floods everywhere else. Ensuing traffic jams here. Sigh. 
  • Came away with three books, a Radiohead poster and a car microfiber cloth (of all things, I know) from this year's Big Bad Wolf Book sale. I stand by my theory that the more books they got, the less I end up with.
  • Took Tiger Beer long enough to come up with what appears to be their version of Shandy (the Tiger Radler). If I ever come across it, I'd try it.
  • Got my Biblio order this week - a used copy of the second Good Eats book, Good Eats: The Middle Years. Too bad it didn't come with the DVD. 
  • Got another Luxola order - whee!
  • LivingSocial dropped the ball for me this week. Got refunded but in Deal Bucks, which I can only use towards the deals, not the products. 
  • Went to PC Fair on Sunday. Probably heard some better deals today than had I gone earlier in the weekend (they also don't want to bring back so much stuff la, that's why they're clearing like crazy). Bought a four pack of Eneloop AAA batteries for RM50 (got RM5 discount because I asked).