Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week 48, 2013 - December ALREADY?!

It's December and the weather doesn't seem monsoon-y enough.
  • Thanksgiving and Hanukkah was on the same day (or week, at least) for the first time in hundreds of years. They say it'll never happen in our lifetime again, so I hope people had fun with it, especially the Jewish.
  • Had a minor incident when I left my phone at a place I was having dinner at. Lucky I got it back. 
  • Loads of Black Friday/Cyber Monday coupon codes and sales to go through... 
  • OMG WTFBBQ (I think that's how you say it?) BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS SALE NEXT WEEKEND! I'm not crazy enough to go on Friday and I haven't won (or been comped) a preview pass, I can always wait to go on Saturday... 
  • Still got some of the Urbanscapes rash. Had to see doctor, who then prescribed antihistamines and ointment. Still itching some.
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales going on now.
  • Got latest Luxola order - whee!
  • Masterchef Malaysia All Stars started last week - they brought together fan favourites from both the celeb and non-celeb editions into one crazy season. 
  • Finally started watching Supermodelme Femme Fatale mostly out of curiousity. 
  • Spent way too much money at Foodie Fest in Publika on Saturday. But always good to find out who the new local food purveyors are. Saw some neat ones while I was there and got their business cards for my miniature file cabinet, haha.