Monday, 9 December 2013

Racist ass seller

Found an ad on Mudah for the new Starbucks planner that was going waaayy below market price (RM159, or more if you crazy enough to buy 15 drinks before the year's out) at RM88 last week. So I texted the seller instead of emailing (because that's how a lot of scammers operate) to ask about it and if it was possible to meet. Mind you, I used perfectly legible English and not Manglish when I initiated. And I was also being relatively polite.

Long story short, she basically can't meet over the next few days to COD so I got her full name and banking details and in the next text message (as I was doing the online banking) was already telling me that someone else is offering a higher price (at RM108) before I could reply back that I already transferred the money to her. 

What threw me a little was the end where she went, "I give you time 1.30pm. After you prayer, if you reply me provide me your delivery address..." I had not indicated in any way before whether I was Chinese/Malay/Indian, so what made her think I had Friday prayers to perform? So racist, right?

It was only after I gave her MY FULL NAME (which, last time I checked, is Chinese) and address only she realised that she wasn't dealing with a Muslim and I got some form of an apology. 

Looking at her other ads, I figured out that she's in real estate. Guess who's not getting business from me.