Saturday, 7 December 2013

Haul from Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2013

Wasted an hour or two at home when I thought there wasn't an available car for me around. Decided to drive to another warehouse sale before going over to Mines. It probably took me about 30 minutes (more or less) to approach the Mines Convention Centre because there were many cars heading there and traffic there in general is already a bitch the rest of the year anyway. 

Fortunately it took me less than a minute to score a pretty sweet parking space downstairs (which is RM3 flat rate compared to the mall next door, which is RM3 for the first few hours). So it was alright. 

Several hours later (including a late lunch break upstairs - they really do have a variety of eating choices, from rice and lauk to Western fast food).

I have this hypothesis that the more books they have to sell (3 million this year), the less I come away with. I present to you my haul... 

Three books: RM25 total
Radiohead poster: RM29.90 (there's a bunch of pop culture posters available after you paid for the books in a different section). I only hope that I don't already have it somewhere in the poster tubes at home...
Microfiber cloth: RM5


Don't think I got the strength to go again lah.

Since I already paid parking, I decided to walk over to the mall next door. Spent most of the time looking for Daiso to get the USB cigarette light charger thing, only to find that they're sold out. Cis.

Also managed to check out the recently opened UNIQLO outlet and bought a top that was Limited Offer. I know, I very cheap liddat :P (Also, this is me shopping for CNY already)