Thursday, 12 December 2013

Gourmet Ribs and Burgers (GRaB), Damansara Jaya

Was on the way home and needed lunch, so bypassed traffic and noticed this newly opened burger place in Damansara Jaya (near KDU). Parked behind at the residential area (save on parking mah) and walked over. It's near the corner coffee shop closest to the highway, but a little far to walk if you're a KDU student.

I was a little early, so it was a little empty. Found out that they only just opened last weekend. 

Turns out the ribs in the name were referring to rib burgers, and not rib platters. A more upscale McRib would be a way to put it. I wasn't in the mood nor was it the time (middle of the work day) for the messy stuff. Settled for a veg burger - The Van Hasel (man, I hate saying names I'm sure to butcher) [grilled portobello mushroom, string onion, honey mustard sauce with lettuce and tomato], which was RM13. Like the pioneer burger joint in PJ (you know the one), it's RM6 for free flow drink and herbed fries to make it a set. 

I should've asked if I could have the low carb version of the burger (which pioneer burger joint in PJ have as an option), but since it's the first time, I went the whole hog (haha). I think menu is pork free, but I could be wrong, unless they use pork ribs...? Tak ingat lah. Menu a bit slim pickings for those don't eat red meat.

Anyway, burger itself was not too bad, not too drippy. Fries and dipping sauce could stand to be better, but it's still early days yet.

7, Jln SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 PJ