Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week 46, 2013

Rainy evenings this week - conducive for sleep, not so much if you're not on high-speed internet :P Has monsoon season kicked off yet?
  • 'Rents finally back from Thailand. Sunburnt but otherwise it seemed like they had fun. 
  • Hoping to cross off Franz Ferdinand off the concert bucket list this time next week when Urbanscapes happens next weekend. 
  • Phase 2 of JPO opened this weekend. Good news is that some of the factory outlet regulars like Kate Spade will finally open in Malaysia. Got an email from them trying to lure the club members to check it out with free Baskin Robbins scoops. I'm sorry, but free ice cream is not enough of an incentive to travel down. Huge discounts are. Get on it, Genting Simon.
  • NARS is also finally open in KL this weekend. Methinks I'll wait for the crowd to die down a bit before I bother with it. 
  • Apparently Perodua finally figured that a significant enough portion of their clientele are female: they have a ladies club called Perodua F.E.M (Female Empowerment Movement) that is soon to be launched, but one can still sign up for even if you drive (but don't technically own) a Perodua. You bet that I signed up - I'm curious to see what happens. 
  • Starbucks Malaysia finally released the 2014 planner, where the holder can be used as a tablet case of some sort but the planner itself looks like a school exercise book. Snag is the buying of 15 grande-sized drinks before stocks run out, which was what happened last year that pissed a lot of people off because they couldn't redeem the planner after going through the rigamarole of buying so many drinks. I don't know if one can just buy it outright (which is how I've been doing for the last few years - saves me from the self-inflicted diabetes), but I'm counting on the secondary market if I can't get it outright.