Friday, 1 November 2013

Shelah: It's #MYLife

Shelah (one of local thespian Edwin Sumun's drag personas, the other being Kay Elle) is out of "retirement" and is celebrating by having 4 night run of her comeback show at DPAC (Damansara Performing Arts Centre). Interesting choice of location, I know, but there's got to be a first time for everything. 

Buying a ticket online wasn't that difficult, and as it turns out, DPAC wasn't terribly far away a drive. Found it easily enough. Parking is still (at the moment) free, so yay. Finally saw the place and I thought it had interesting decor. I was also a bit early and decided to walk around. Found the Texas Chicken further down and had a dessert of Chocolate Shortcake, which is not technically a shortcake but more like a (Southern) biscuit topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I'm not complaining. 

Because it was free seating, it got a bit Lord of the Flies-y as everyone was jostling to get in, after certain groups of people were being called out and were let in first. Got into an okay seat for myself and it was a small audience that night. Sang a bunch of covers and also some original compositions. Show started around 9.40 p.m. and ended a little over an hour later with no intermission.

I didn't mind it much, but I guess the song-and-dance type variety show is not quite for me.

PS. I miss seeing the man under the makeup perform on stage. It's been donkey years - last I saw the guy was when he was emceeing a store opening in 2009 (it was THAT LONG AGO), and on stage way longer than that.