Saturday, 23 November 2013

My Urbanscapes Checklist

Urbanscapes is THIS WEEKEND and is opening their doors in a couple of hours (as I type this, anyway). Time to sort out what to bring before making the drive to Serdang later..

I figured since I already bought a weekend ticket, I might as well go on both days. Wonder if I should go to see Tegan and Sara later, even though I don't know their music. 
  1. Ticket - DUH
  2. Umbrella.. which I saw were no-nos when I was getting my bag checked. Whoops.
  3. Eyewear - Glasses and/or sunnies
  4. Earplugs :P
  5. Devices - Phones, cameras, extra battery or powerbanks. GPS / Waze for directions if you don't already know how to get there.
  6. Sunblock - I know there's a local sunblock brand (Sun Off A Beach) making a presence there, but no such thing as too much sunblock?
  7. Lipbalm - lips need sun protection too, okay? And also from dryness and chapping :P
  8. A mat - to sit on. 
  9. Poncho - in case it rains and you don't want to hold an umbrella over your head for long stretches of time. Expect not to find disposable ponchos available this weekend in some pharmacies. 
  10. CASH! Don't think there'll be too many vendors with card payment facilities, so...
  11. Water/Whatever drink you fancy... if you can get away with it. My thing was bringing in reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles.
  12. Hat/headgear to keep yourself cool. I personally like bandannas. 
  13. Wet wipes
  14. Diaper (if you don't want to use the porta pottys? I'm considering it.) Although if you're sweating like crazy, you might end up not having to go at all... 
  15. Rubber footwear - wellies, etc. In case it rains, which is pretty likely because of the time of year.
And... a bag big enough for everything and whatever else you might pick up while you're there. Bawa backpack je lah :P

Let me know if I'm missing anything...