Saturday, 12 October 2013

HydraFacial Lite Treatment at Serene Aesthetics, 1U [LivingSocial MY]

I originally bought a LivingSocial voucher for a different facial treatment (Micro-Caps Whitening Treatment - not that I needed whitening or anything, but just needed a facial of some sort) at Serene Aesthetics at the second home. 

1Hr 45Min Micro-Caps Whitening Treatment + Refreshing Eye Treatment + Neck Mask + Decollete Mask + RM80 Treatment Voucher + RM80 Product Voucher

Getting an appointment the day before wasn't terribly difficult if you're not too fussed about the time. 

By the time I got there, I was greeted by Eva who, during the consultation, suggested I try their latest facial procedure, the HydraFacial Lite Treatment, if I top up a small amount on top of how much I paid for the voucher already. Since I had been curious about it before and it beats paying full trial price (RM98), I figured why not. 

What is HydraFacial™?
  • Serum-based skin resurfacing
  • Hydrating exfoliation for all skin types
  • Targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne-prone or oily skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, brown spots and more
  • Immediate results
  • Painless extractions

While they prepped the room, I got a "free" (using the word loosely here) foot spa, which is just basically a feet soak in hot, sweet-smelling salty water for a bit before I was led into a room to change for the treatment. 

After the preliminary cleansing, she got down to work with the HydraFacial treatment. The experience was like getting dental scaling done, but on the face. The machine was about as loud as a vacuum cleaner - It didn't hurt or anything even though the machine was at its max; usual face steam and painful as heck extraction didn't happen because it's all that in one step. When she was done, I was shown the container full of serum and whatever was clogging my pores. She seemed shocked at how cloudy it was, but I thought I could do better :P 

The rest of the treatment was fine but hard to get into because I get ticklish during the massage portion. 

If nothing else, my face felt a lot less bumpier after than before I started. Of course afterwards I got the hard sell of treatments and packages, etc but I know my bank account and I had to politely decline. Perhaps I could've at least gotten a second treatment (minus the rest of the BS stuff)..