Monday, 21 October 2013

Groupon Mystery Deal

Groupon Malaysia finally got into the $10 Summer Mystery Deal that the American one does for the last couple of years when they announced that on 10th October at 10 a.m., they are going to sell these Mystery Deals for RM10.10.

So I bought one that Thursday morning. It's one per person and you choose between a box for the ladies or the gents. Bought a ladies one, lowered my expectations and hoped for the best. 

Got a text with the shipping information, but tracking it was pretty useless so there was no way of knowing how much it weighed to gauge what was inside.

Finally got mine this morning (as I found out afterwards) on a second attempt delivery (first attempt was on Saturday, but that's cos I used the office as a delivery address and it's not open on Saturday..).

I never received an actual package from Groupon before, so seeing this on the actual box kinda cracked me up :D

What did I get? A bottle of Blackmores Executive B multivitamins. Too bad it wasn't an electronic gadget, but I'm just glad it wasn't some trinket I can't use.

Though next time I would get the dude's Mystery Box for the heck of it.