Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week 38 - 39, 2013

I know, I know, sorry for the lack of blog posts, but here it is...

Week 38, 2013
  • Malaysia Day on Monday.
  • Was in Sydney for a week for ze cousin's wedding, which was last Saturday. 
  • Left on Thursday, came back the following Wednesday by AirAsia X.
    Note: if you find better deals, for the love of Pete, go with that. 
  • It was damn hot in Sydney: even with the air con like cold winds blowing, I was still sweating. 
  • I don't know how my cousin does this for so many years, flying back and forth. The jet lag compounded on top of my general surliness. 
  • Checked out the Malaysia Fest near the Chinese Gardens. $4.50 for teh tarik O_o Not cray cray enough to buy, of course. Met up with friend who's there for grad school, but didn't stay long. Wandered over to Paddy's Market and I found the only Sydney branch of Melbourne chain Lord of the Fries. By the time I got there, they only had sweet potato fries left :P
Week 39, 2013
  • Crazy tiring first timer's one day trip with the cousin, the usual sights of Sydney on Tuesday - Opera House, Botanical Gardens, Fish Market etc. If I had known Zumbo's Patisserie was at the casino, I would've gotten off my butt to go check it out. Spent the night packing and doing laundry at cousin's house.
  • Finally laid eyes on my order after it delivered (pretty quickly) last week. 
  • Cousin's wedding, the KL round, on Saturday.
  • Had one coffee too many at the Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia on Sunday at Publika.
  • Of all the days they chose to resurface the road leading into my neck of the woods, they had to pick Saturday morning to do it.
  • Got a ticket to see The Mousetrap playing in KL.