Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 37, 2013

Weather - can't complain. If you thought this week's summary post is short, you might rue the day you say it because I won't be in town this time next week because I'm flying to attend the cousin's wedding Down Under over the weekend and I'm flying down a couple days before. 
  • Attempted to get a ticket to the Ke$ha's KL concert that's happening in October. I was about to pay full price until I found out that Tune Talk customers get 15% off. Since I technically AM a Tune Talk customer but don't have the actual SIM card on me at the moment, I either would have to try buying the ticket with the skeleton it came in or wait for the sibling (who has it with him down south) to come back in a couple weeks with it. 
  • Are Balisong (butterfly) knives even legal in Malaysia? I thought they weren't, which is why I was surprised that they're available in (of all places) Professor (chain uniform shop) outlets. 
  • Checked out the Borders warehouse sale at Citta Mall on Saturday. There wasn't anything I wanted from the wishlist, but I got a couple of things anyway: a couple of Picadilly notebooks and a random "encylopedia" of superstitions. All still in shrinkwrap, all discounted.
  • For the heck of it, I went to Paradigm right after the warehouse sale to check out the Chinese mag NuYou's (Chinese for "Girl Friend"; a magazine I wouldn't normally read since it would take me forever to read it cover to cover) 20th Anniversary stop where you get a goodie bag by flashing them the current issue. I bought my copy at the Times Bookstore at Citta Mall beforehand (5% member discount FTW). By the time I joined the line at 12 something, the line was already long, but not quite 200 people long. It was also supposed to start at 2 p.m., but things got going around 1.30 p.m. (they probably got complaints from nearby shops cos the line was blocking their entrances, or the idiots in the front of the line who had been waiting since goodness-knows-what-time did), which I'm okay with obviously. 

    THEN I got another erm, "goodie bag" (using the term really loosely here - mug, notebook and bottled water) for completing a marketing survey about the mall on my way out near the autopay machines. Got free parking for the trouble - whee! (I was rushing out because I didn't want to pay another RM1 for overstaying). 

    In case anyone cared what was in the bag
    Happy Malaysia Day, people.