Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 36, 2013

It was as rainy this week as it was damn babi hot a couple weeks ago. Sigh. I have no idea why ponchos and rain boots are not a thing here.
  • Finally got the Australian ETA (which is what they use for certain countries in lieu of visas and stamps). Stupid Maybank cherry card didn't go through. Lucky the Public Bank one did. Suck on that, Maybank. 
  • RON 95 also naik this week after the increase in RON 97. Yep, kvetching all around.
  • Got another package from Newell Rubbermaid Malaysia, the company behind household brands like Paper Mate and the like. Yep, I got a dud Liquid Paper. They were nice enough not to ask me to send it in to return and took my word for it, for which I'm grateful. 
  • Turns out that if you tweet Telekom Malaysia, they notice and respond back, even the service complaints. Took a few days, but the home connection is sorted... for now. Not sure for how long with this weather.
  • Another mob dinner Monday night. At least the cats had a good meal with the scraps we brought back.
  • Kittens now at that stage where they find Dad's car engine bay a nice place to sleep in... that is, until he needs to drive it out in the morning. Then the corralling starts. Oy vey. 
  • Finally bought Hilton's musang king durian mooncake (which probably costs about as much if not more than, an actual musang king durian) after years of resisting. Got a nice box (for how much one paid for it, they had better) and a non-woven reusable bag out of it. 
Who's glad that next weekend is a three day weekend?