Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week 35, 2013 - Merdeka Weekend!!

It's Merdeka weekend - well technically it's on Saturday and people who work the usual 5 day week don't get the day off, but if you work Saturdays, good on you if you got the day off. 

Shitty internet connection this week; not sure if the fault is on our end or the telco's. Gonna have to bug them about it in the coming week, or I'll have to visit places like Old Town to leech Wi-Fi..
  • Saw Welcome to the Punch and the recent run of Actorlympics this week. Lucky I didn't have to pay to watch them. 
  • Got the Urbanscapes weekend pass after all. Better now than later :P 
  • Made a huge (for me) purchase at SaSa - Bought the offer packs of Cure Natural Aqua Gel (2 for RM199; usually costs RM115 each) and Shill's Purifying Peel Off Mask (2 for RM69, usual price is RM49 each). SaSa had this Merdeka promotion where you get a RM20 voucher if you spent RM180 and above. The SA who was attending to me suggested using said voucher on the mask, which I was fine with. So I ended up getting two masks for the price of one. And because I was at the second home branch, I got to collect points on that too. Sweet.
  • Celebrated Gran's "birthday" at the weekend high tea buffet at Paya Serai Restaurant at the PJ Hilton on Saturday. Crazy crowded. Not sure if it's because it's a public holiday or it's really that popular.
  • Finally got cousin's wedding invitation from her mum - both here and in Sydney.
  • Annual dinner at the perpetually under construction temple nearby on Friday, with another mob dinner this coming Monday. Oy vey.