Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 33, 2013

Apparently PLUS thinks that there'll be post-Raya/mid-year school holiday congestion this weekend (some people take their Raya vacay a bit too seriously :P). They might have something there; I'm just glad I'm not heading out of town anyway. Still hazy. Still have some remnant post nasal drip, which is tres annoying. 
  • Saw R.I.P.D. 
  • Just as I was planning on skipping Urbanscapes this year and happy to go to the satellite show in October, they went and announced on Facebook that Franz Ferdinand will be one of the acts, argh...! The organisers are slowing unveiling the acts and attractions, there's still a ways to go. Now wondering whether I should get early bird ticket soonish or not (no money at the moment since I had to change a significant chunk of it to Aussie dollars... sigh).