Monday, 26 August 2013

True Harmony, Sunway Giza [Groupon MY]

Bought this Groupon pretty much for the heck of it: 3 session Cryo-Energy Slimming, Reshaping and Detox package for RM58 at True Harmony. Picked the Sunway Giza outlet because I'm not a complete idiot.

Package includes                           
1st visit: 1-hour Full Body Detoxification (RM180 value)
  • Full body fat analysis, analysis report, and consultation
  • Full body detox treatment
  • Foot spa
  • Complimentary tea
2nd visit: 1-hour Cryo-Energy Slimming (RM580 value)
  • Cryo-Energy slimming therapy
  • Foot spa
  • Complimentary tea
3rd visit: 1-hour Cryo-Cooling Contouring (RM180 value)
  • Cryo-cooling body reshaping treatment
  • Full body fat analysis and report
  • Foot spa
  • Complimentary tea
Had to call to ask where in Sunway Giza it was. Fortunately it wasn't hard to find, otherwise it was going to make the subsequent visits more difficult. I was still pretty early for the form filling part of the process. Yasmine, the therapist sat me down and after telling me the process, proceeded to try to sell me the upgrade and another package. Since I didn't have a lot of money anyway, I declined and I pretty much forgot what I was about to go through. Sigh. I suppose I should be glad that they didn't bring out the tape measure or have me stand on a machine to get baseline measurements, but for me I'm all about the fit, not the numbers.

So I was lead to a treatment room (about a dozen, of different sizes), which had a sink AND a shower. Changed into disposable panties and tube top for the detox process, which pretty much involves being wrapped in cling film (cue Rosie Phua's "slim wrap"), towels and blankets with a heater going to induce sweating and yes, the air conditioning was turned off. Half an hour was a damn long time wrapped up like that with nothing to make the time go by faster. The foot spa portion was pretty much soaking my feet in the foot bath (with some thing or another) in an area that's right next to the door and facing the reception area. The detox headache afters was a bitch.

Subsequent visits were nothing else to write home about - cold wrap (wet bandanges), and the machine was painful as heck (it was pinch-y) and the steam bath was so-so. The last visit (which I finally finished the following weekend) was relatively painless :P 
Have I lost inches? I don't think so :P