Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sri Suria Curry House, SS3

After reading about the place on some random blog, I decided to drop by for lunch before going out on a work-related errand in Shah Alam. From the location map, I figured it must be close to where the former Bintang Supermarket (now a Giant) is and holy cow, I didn't know the former empty space (or was it low-cost apartments? It's been awhile) is now a brand spanking new commercial area. It's so new, I didn't have to pay for parking.

If you're looking for non-rice lunch options (like roti) here, you're out of luck. I went the less-meat option and had banana leaf rice for lunch. With the price board so huge and prominent (you really can't miss it), at least they didn't simply hantam and overcharge me or anything. But it also took a while to soak in what's on the menu, there's that many items on there. 

The veg sides I like. The curry was spicy enough for most. The fried bitter gourd wasn't soggy at all. I even got a rasam without me having to ask/chase someone down for it. Service was okay for weekday lunch time I suppose, but it wasn't exactly packed when I got there...? (Okay, I was also a bit early lah).

The food itself was not bad, but I don't know if it's worth RM6 (yeah, for the basic) - if this was KL, I would get it, but this is freaking SS3, PJ. 

I wouldn't go back specifically for lunch, but any other time I'm okay with.

Sri Suria Curry House
No. 3A, PJ 21 (SS3/39),47300 Kelana Jaya,
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun (7am-11pm)
Tel No: +603 - 7865 7771
GPS Coordinates: 3.089332, 101.614917
Facebook: Restoran Sri Suria Curry House