Thursday, 29 August 2013


THE OUTNET is the sister site of Net-A-Porter. They both basically sell designer goods, but the former sells them (past-season items) at a steep discount.

Been wanting to get Anya Hindmarch's MP3 pouch for the longest time, but not crazy enough to spend about RM500 locally. The one available on THE OUTNET is a seasonal turquoise. Which I'm okay with. It's also about £39 after discount, even with the weak exchange rate taken into account, is still cheaper than buying it in store.

My eyes just about popped out when I saw that shipping to Malaysia would be £18.15, regardless of the item size. Plus side is that it's DHL Global Express, so there's tracking and everything. But who likes to pay for shipping, anyway?

Last week they announced a coupon code for... get this... FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING. Time to pounce!

It was a "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" moment: so I registered, bought it and I got the emails from them on order confirmation and on despatch (where the DHL airway bill number is included so you can track its progress). It's always fun tracking it on the DHL site.

I ordered on Wednesday (local time), and I got it the following Monday. Not too bad.

Why the box so big one...?
RMA forms
Tissue paper
More tissue paper and the Anya Hindmarch black box
Pouch photographs differently than IRL.
Comes with tags and everything.
All in all, not bad, but I'm in no hurry to buy anything again anytime too soon.