Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ree's Skin Formulation, DU [LivingSocial MY]

Facials are not cheap - besides the skills, there's also the ambiance, the machines, equipment, the products involved. So when there's a facial deal going for RM10, it was hard not to pass up. And it's a 90-minute facial, which is not too shabby.
  • Tension release therapy
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Intensive European Electron Therapy (IST)
  • Pressure point stimulation
  • Double Hydro Radiant Mask
  • Shoulder relaxation
  • Finishing relation
Bought it some months ago and I left it too late when I finally wanted to redeem it - Saturday appointments were full (they're closed on Sundays) and I ended up with a weekday evening one. Luckily the outlet I picked out wasn't too far a drive, even during rush hour. The only thing was having dinner later than usual. 

I couldn't believe that I've been driving past the place all these years and didn't know about it (When they called me earlier to confirm/remind me, I asked where in DU they were at) - It literally was next to the Hong Leong Bank -_-

I got there a little early, but not before snacking on a butter kaya puff from Tong Kee on the next block (went back again afters to get a couple more things before going home). They filled out the paperwork (for once) with my IC and after filling out whatever they couldn't get out of the IC, I was led to an empty locker to put my bag in. Then I got the consultation/package sales push. Without them telling me what packages they have or how much they cost, I said no. They were fine with it; I kinda wished I knew how much they were so I would be making an informed decision when I said no.

Got lead to a room, changed in a room with not even a cupboard - just a hanger and a shelf. Kept the pants on.

Facial itself was almost relaxing - if not for the lady who keeps leaving the room for who-knows-what-reason besides the times I was under the steamer and had masks on. Extraction was not as painful as last time, but it could be because I took precautions since the last time, or she wasn't putting much strength into it. I can't say for certain.