Friday, 30 August 2013

Actorlympics: Game of Thrones Malaysia Edition - Fight to the Death!

The last time I saw an Actorlympics show, I was still in college... I think. It was that long ago. I would go into why I haven't gone since, but since I won tickets to last night's show, I better not. 

Anyhow, I unexpectedly won a pair of tickets to the second show of the run when I was the first person to answer a question that was part of the giveaway on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon. After PM-ing my full name and phone number, I had to find someone who would be free to go with me on very short notice. Luckily that was pretty painless and I didn't have to drive myself there, so yay. It's upstairs to collect comp-ed/won tickets and of course, they were front row seats. Beggers can't be choosers, so what the heck. There's even the usual box where people can write lines for one of the games later. I know I tossed a few in. I'm not sure if it's because it's a weekday or what, but it wasn't a full house.

Ida was the host/timekeeper, with Afdlin Shauki, Christina Orow, Jason Lo, Rashid Salleh, along with the "young blood" Razif, Jenhan, and two other guys whose names I missed when they were introduced (sorry!) over the loud enthusiasm of the crowd.

The thing about Actorlympics that's different from Whose Line is it Anyway? (which is back on another network with new host Aisha Tyler and slightly tweaked format) is that the onus is on the audience to come up with suggestions, which is not something you want to get into after a long day at work. And it always seems like the rest of audience was sex-starved, horny buggers as the suggestions get a bit lewd at least some of the time (and I'm just being kind here - I give the people on stage props for going with it). Since I was actually in the front row this time, I got a few suggestions through even though my mind is not as geliga as it used to. What I didn't know was that Ida was supposed to throw candy to whoever shouted out suggestions until about halfway as she forgot, haha. The candy only made as far as the front row.

Couple of funny moments:
  1. This idiot in the audience who (maybe?) misunderstood Ida's explanation of the Freeze game (that it's only for the people on stage), shouted "FREEZE!" himself. Instead of tapping him out quickly, they kept him on stage for as long as possible (he was also doing an okay job, I suppose?). He also got chided by Ida on his way off the stage, haha. Talk about extreme blurness. Bodoh.
  2. Jenhan actually took his shorts off and was in his underwear. Props for the dedication. At least he wasn't wearing tighty whities.
Okay, I did laugh, but it was hard not to.