Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week 26, 2013

Haze was really bad earlier in the week, before it tapered for the weekend. But it's been projected that it'll make another guest appearance before long. Man, how massive is the slash-burning over in Indonesia that it affects neighbouring countries every single year? Kanasai they all - should ask the Indon gahmen to pay for respirator masks :P
  • Gone to one too many warehouse sales this week.
  • One of my glasses is MIA so long I can't remember where and when I last wore them. And it's not the cheap plastic ones, but the expensive rimless ones :( Until they unexpectedly turn up somewhere in the future, guess I'll have to get a new pair. 
  • Finally got my butt to a "Care for Your Car" workshop on Saturday organised by both The Star and TOC.