Sunday, 16 June 2013

Week 24, 2013

 Really slow week. Was considering not doing the weekly recap post this week, but what the heck.
  • Finally had a Godiva Chocolixir after a really long spell (okay, several years). They've even changed the cup design (I might still have the other cup someplace - I'm a weird hoarder like that). Tried the Dark Chocolate Mocha (my three favourite words). Not the cheapest drink ever, but great for once in a really blue moon :P I even kept the cup - for the price, it was at least pretty to look at.
  • Local IKEA store had a 25 hour-long cook-off/other events happening from 10 am on Friday to Saturday at 11 a.m. Checked things out on Friday night and got a free latte, but didn't exactly stay on til the wee hours of Saturday. What I did get (finally) was the salad spinner. 
  • Traffic on the LDP from DU to BU was congested at 10 p.m. on Friday night because of some accident (was a car on fire?). I'm just guessing based on the fire truck on scene. Luckily I was going the opposite direction, heading home from IKEA :P
  • Flying (as opposed to slow boat/swim?) to Sydney in September for cousin's wedding. Finally had Facebook Chat convo about  arrangements, etc. Still no idea what I want to do/see while I'm there besides the usual touristy things. Any other suggestions? I'll take their chilly September weather to what the fish weather we're having here the last few months. Spent the better part of the weekend shopping around for shoes and shapewear - at least I can cross those off the list.
  • Lifetime Asia debuted on Astro on Friday evening. Every time I tune in to the channel Dance Moms always seem to be on when I'm trying to catch the fourth season of Australian Masterchef. Ish.