Friday, 14 June 2013

Melissachens Skin Beauty Spa, 1U [Groupon MY]

Redeemed the Groupon a few days before the actual redemption date over the weekend, but no one there said anything when I made the appointment (and I admit, I missed that part of the voucher). But at least they didn't shoo me away when I got there and told me to make another appointment. I was also late because I thought it was in the other wing when it was near where I was in the other wing. Nearly died with all that walking, but at least closer to the daily 10,000 step requirement than I would usually be.

Package includes
  • 15-minute consultation and skin analysis
  • 8-minute welcome massage
  • 10-minute double cleansing
  • 6-minute gentle exfoliation
  • 10-minute vacuum cleansing
  • 10-minute Melissachens signature pore cleansing
  • 6-minute acne purifying and healing treatment
  • 10-minute AromaZone therapy drainage
  • 13-minute Youth Renewal mask therapy
  • 2-minute Radiance Reveal skin toner and moisturiser protection
Customers can top up RM7 to purchase a 30ml Melissachens Hydra Essence (RM258 value).

After the consultation, I was taken to the back when I could put my stuff (and top) into a locker. There were also changing rooms to get in and out of the gowns and a lit dressing area for you to put yourself back together again before stepping out into the world. Once I got into the gown, I was taken into a treatment room for the facial. They took care to cover the rest of me in sheets and towels so that I wouldn't be cold (especially the extremities).

The facial was not bad, but the instrumental version of very Chinese songs (Ye Lai Xiang and the ilk) made it hard (for me personally) to relax, especially when I had the masks on. And I could've sworn that we weren't the only people in the room at some point too.

Once I put myself back together again, I sat down, drank the tea they put out and braced for the sales push for me to buy a facial package (discounted, since I had a Groupon). I wanted to tell the lady that if I can afford the package she suggested, I wouldn't be buying a Groupon, but I didn't. What I did say was that I would have to think about it, and see if there was any reaction to the facial (which is a legitimate concern). But what I did do was pay the RM7 for the serum. It was the least I could do, and I don't think I have a full sized serum-like product anyway.

It's been a few days: no adverse reaction or anything. But I don't know if I can show my face there again, though :P