Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Masterchef Selebriti Malaysia Season 2 Finale

The only thing you can do in this haze is (for the most part) to stay home.... and watch some TV, among other things.

After weeks of competition, we've finally reached the second season finale of Masterchef Selebriti Malaysia, the showdown between Syura and Celina after Rozita Che Wan got eliminated just before the finale. I was hoping she'd be in the finale only because she seems to be a competant home cook. Also, I can only imagine how upset her die-hard fanbase must be about that :P I have no idea why other people are hating on her so bad on the interwebs (especially on the Facebook page), either. If she didn't cave under the stress of the competition and from the online bitchery, I wouldn't be that upset if she won.

When it comes to the Masterchef franchise (of the ones that I watch, anyway), ladies always seem to survive to the end and come out on top, except for the previous season where Dato' Fazley won over the other male finalist in the finale. 

I personally am rooting for Celina to win, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it was rigged for the other to win. I'm just saying.