Monday, 27 May 2013

Back at Hammam Publika - Les Sences de l'Orient

Back to Hammam in Publika to use the voucher (valid til the end of the month, but it was the last weekend, so..) I bought the last time I was there, for the next one up after the Princess Hammam - the Les Sences de l'Orient treatment, which is two hours long. I mumbled my way through the name when I made the appointment days before, but luckily they figured out what I meant.

Here's what it entails...

Hammam & Gommage, Massage (60 mins) with Hammam's Signature Huile Mihyar using Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood for love, prosperity and spiritual wisdom.

This time, I got there early, checked out the monthly bazaar, made my usual stops in Publika and finally went upstairs for my appointment. I only had to wait awhile outside while the lady at the counter waited for her colleague to get back so she could guide me inside to the locker/changing room.

This time, I wasn't as blur as I was the first time. Fortunately (I didn't even specifically ask), I got the same hammam lady (if you're gonna experience the Moroccan hammam and gommage, at least have someone FROM Morocco scrub you silly), so it wasn't that awkward. After the soaking, soaping and marination (she suggested that I "sleep" while I soak in the soap, but I'm not one for 10 minute naps in the buff with another naked lady on the next table), I got the rinse. Then she totally went to town (strength-wise) on my naked ass. Probably got several weeks of sunburned skin on the table. Another rinse and she went on to shampoo my hair, clean my face, more rinsing and then I'm bundled up (body towel, and a smaller one for the hair and robe) and off to the dimly lit recuperation area and had water, mint tea and a baklava while waiting for the masseuse to get me. I don't know why they bother providing disposable underpants that cover the buttcheeks, they might as well give you paper thongs.

Got a different masseuse this time. Reading the treatment description, I thought the massage oil used sounded vaguely Christmas-y. I can hear the knots in my shoulders crackle when they were getting worked on. I liked the cooling eye mask.

Might go back just for the hammam and gommage, but not for awhile, I'm afraid.