Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 9, 2013

From all that rain last week, to all this damn heat this week. I feel like a pig in the oven...
  • RM3 Chili's steak dinner :D
  • I was there during the blackout (but not the subsequent fire) at the second home. Just my luck.
  • Got the RM250 angpau from the gahmen for being poor, single (essentially) and not a member of the breeder club. PM must be joking if he actually said RM500 was enough for one family for a year - what kind of country does he think he's running?
  • Caught the first night of MACC's new show at PJ Live Arts. If you didn't get tickets this time, I wouldn't worry as there's a round two some months down the road...
  • Had first facial in quite some time. Probably should go more often.
  • Got my Shanghai Tang Moleskine - eee!