Friday, 15 March 2013

Quirky Kwerkee

If you didn't already know, is the sister site of - the former sells quirky (geddit?), oh-so-cute items that you want but don't really need, whereas the latter is known for selling posh designer bags that you want but you may need (or not), etc. If they were actual people, they would be the Deschanel sisters. 

Much as I like seeing the stuff that goes on sale on these sites, but there wasn't much on there that made me want to open my wallet for... until now. For no good reason, I want either the one that looks like a Russian Matryoshka doll (the Drink-Up carafe), but I've read on Amazon that the design scratches off too easily. The H2EAU carafe (which looks like a upside down stack of disposable plastic cups) was on sale last week and I thought, eh, why not - even with the RM20 shipping to Malaysia, it's still cheaper than on eBay. 

Payment process was card only, no Paypal option.

Just as I was wondering why it costs RM20 to ship to Malaysia, I found my answer when I got the tracking email from freaking FedEx. I don't know if it's just Outlook, but they have tracking preview right in the email itself, so you don't have to leave Outlook. Shrewd on Microsoft's part, no? RM20 FedEx shipping for an item of this nature is still okay, but not for some of the other items I've seen on there.

Delivery speed was not bad: I ordered on Monday, and I got it today (Friday). Just as I had gotten off the phone with FedEx (asking them some inane question about their tracking status), the guy in purple came and I haz my carafe! Whee!

This was inside the LARGE FedEx envelope - yes, it's padded.
I was worried whether such a fragile thing would survive the trip - so okaylah, they bubble wrapped the crap out of it - it certainly took me awhile to get the cellotape out.

I had to open and inspect the actual product, so here goes...

 I had been wondering how it stayed still inside the box - it had a plastic "hat" on.

But Kwerkee's a site to look out for - you never know what you might find on there.