Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Week 6, 2013 - It's CNY already?

Happy CNY. There, I said it. Forgot to put this out, so better late than never.

Reunion dinner was a little blah, besides the uncle trying to get everyone to finish off a bottle of Hennessy due to incompetant decorking. Got to crash (not really, we kept getting calls as the sibling was driving like a madman) the other side's reunion dinner at the Oversea in Armada on the way home; got there in time for dessert, which me and sibling didn't get before. Got angpau from the grandaunt and first cousin once removed (Mum's first cousin). Uncle tried to get us to bring home some leftovers, using the "no one's cooking lunch" line which doesn't work because someone will be open during CNY, won't go hungry one. 

Next afternoon was spent in Pavilion. Yep, it was crazy crowded and most people were still taking pictures with the CNY decor. I'm too nice to intentionally photobomb those people. Met with friend Ivan for mamak in SS2 (surprised the Misai side was open, but not really...).

Woke up early on the second morning to watch Stephen Fry host the BAFTAs on the pay TV - awards season are the only time I make use of the movies package. Dinner was at an aunt's house (who had bought back a buttload of keropok lekor and nasi dagang straight from Terengganu). 

Today - KLCC. Steamboat dinner at home.