Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week 5, 2013 - Week before CNY

Next weekend is CNY. Hmm.
  • Monday was a public holiday; but I dragged myself up that morning to watch the SAG Awards.
  • Saw Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. If you have nothing else to see, this is not too bad.
  • This week was the start of the changing of new notes for CNY at most banks that I was at. Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of aunties in line and already waiting outside the banks before opening.
  • Bought a ticket to the new MACC show - better get tickets while you still can.
  • Stumbled upon ERA FM (the Malay radio station)'s roving street team and got loads of swag, but decided to distribute in the office instead of lugging it home.
  • Found out from friends more kaypoh than I that NBrew, the nitro ice cream business at eCurve, belonged to a guy I was in school with (but barely knew since we were never classmates and his mum was my Modern Maths teacher... yada yada yada). Checked it out myself, but I'm the type that orders junior-sized scoops, so paying RM9 for 2 nitro-blasted scoops? Exactly. Good luck to him and the business, though.
  • Bruises on legs due to own klutziness of late; the worse is on my left foot, when I bent the toes too far tripping over the wiring on the floor :P
  • Made my first large(ish) MUJI purchase. I would be pissed if MUJI Malaysia launched a membership program right about now...
  • After all these years, I finally got a Maybank account. I feel like I had gone over to the Dark Side. 
  • Finished Vernetta Lopez's memoir, Memoirs of a DJ: Life in Progress.