Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pit Stop Car Saloon, SS2 [MilkADeal]

Bought a voucher for 8-step car detailing from MilkADeal for one of the other cars in the house, and it had to be done while we still had another car for Mum to use in case she had something to do (even in retirement, she's still pretty busy). Because there's an outlet in SS2, I didn't have to go terribly far.

  • Step 1: Car Wash

  • Step 2: Tar Spot Removal

  • Step 3: Claying

  • Step 4: Polishing

  • Step 5: Waxing

  • Step 6: Window Cleaning

  • Step 7: Vacuum

  • Step 8: Tyre Shining

  • Total treatment: 2 - 3 hours

  • Uses Meguiar’s Paint Reconditioning Cream D151

  • Choose between:
    • RM45 for weekdays only (not valid on public holidays)
    • RM65 for all days

Getting an appointment wasn't so bad: I only had to call the listed number and settle on an outlet (three to choose from), day and time. Getting a slot on the Friday morning before CNY was a little impressive; even though in hindsight I probably could've gotten a better one had I thought to ask. Why not weekend? RM20, that's why :P

Driving there that morning, I totally forgot the morning market traffic, but was still early for the appointment. What I also didn't anticipate was getting the hard sell on more layers of waxing, but at a discount because of the voucher. As this particular car had never been waxed (let alone polished) ever since we got it in 2002, I ended up paying another RM200 (this was after negotiation) for the Meguiars 4-layer mirror glaze (which had a one-year warranty, I was told) and dashboard conditioning after a quick demo of the former on a small part of the car. Don't tell my mother.

Picked it up around 2 p.m. and I can't get over how new the car looks. Sorry I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it.