Wednesday, 27 February 2013

MACC: Bromance of the Four Kingdoms

It took me awhile to buy my ticket because I wasn't sure if I wanted anyone to go with me, or which day to go. Long story short, ended up with a ticket on the first night of the run, like I usually do. Which was just as well, because it was sold out. (Overheard some people trying to get seriously last minute tickets while I was collecting my proper ticket at the box office downstairs - good luck with that :P). 

I only left home at 8 p.m. and after dinner - I had a tiny cup of The Last Polka's teh tarik ice cream, which I slowly enjoyed on the steps outside the doors (yes, that was me). Audience members this time round was a little older - aunties and uncles, not as many white people (those that did, came with their non-white SO), really Chinese lah. In retrospect, didn't need to go in so early cos I was seated so long the videos were going in their second loop - the mo liew YouTube vids that I had heard of, but never bothered to watch until then. Even The Lonely Island's I Just Had Sex. Oh well. 

Took awhile for the show to start because they had to get everyone situated, which was not a bad problem to have. 

Dr Jason had me in tears (of laughter) before 5 (of his 15) minutes was up about him combining both silat and tai chi moves in self-defense. 

Until Chi Ho brought it up, I had not realised the upskirt-ing issue that came with the balcony seating when wearing skirts up there, but then again I don't wear skirts, so... not really a personal issue? Anyhow, the set got a little randy at times, which may (or may not) be awkward for people who brought their teenagers/ came with their elderly relatives. 

Jenhan's set also cracked me up - and it started with him wishing everyone happy CNY even though it was already over. He also did a bit on the recently opened Yeast Bistronomy in Bangsar that you have to hear for yourselves.

Douglas's set was current-affairs(y), starting with the Psy in Penang brouhaha. He closed with the show with an anti K-Pop song to the tune of that famous Beyond song (which til today, I have no idea what it's called or what the memorable bit actually said - I know, I'm that OCBC [Orang Cina Bukan Cina] - but hey, at least I know that it's a Beyond song), which was a crowd-pleaser. You literally got to be there to hear it.

Tickets are pretty much sold out, but if you can get them, you won't regret it.