Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Star Trek: The Exhibition, Pusat Sains Negara

I don't know what took so long for Star Trek: The Exhibition to finally make an appearance in these parts, but I suppose I shouldn't complain since I didn't even know there was one until the one here was announced last December. Was supposed to go with someone, but got the flake so I ended up going alone. Every year on my birthday I like to do something to (sort of) celebrate; this year it was a trip to see the Star Trek stuff. No biggie.

I wouldn't call myself a Trekkie/Trekker (take your pick) but here's my personal experience with Star Trek:
  1. I know of the original series, but never saw it ever. Love Shatner in Boston Legal, though.
  2. I saw The Next Generation as a kid, but never followed it to the end.
  3. I saw (and liked) some Voyager, but barely remembered the Seven of Nine years.
  4. Never saw Deep Space Nine or Enterprise, the one with Scott Bakula.
  5. Saw bits of the movies over the years when it's on TV; but I never saw the recent one.
Got there around noon-ish, the weather was hellish, to say the least. The last time I was there was to see the Da Vinci exhibition some years ago, I've not been back since.

You'll see these on your way there.
Front entrance - stupid doors kept opening on their own. The echo dome outside is not too bad.
Side entrance
Ticketing booth - you'll want to go to the one on the left.
Ticket pricing. Notice there's no English version.
Ticket and brochure. Chuckled a little when I saw "Klingon to This Ticket!" afterwards.
So you walk through the tunnel of fishies past some of the standing exhibits (which you can go afters), and you'll see this...

Buntings of the characters...

Walk up the circular ramp and you'll see this...

After that it's no cameras inside (so they say, but people were still taking pictures inside anyway); at least I found out that the Scott Bakula one was supposed to precede the Shatner one (O_o Really?! That explains a few things...). Of course they included photo ops (which you pay for, should you wish, but they're RM15 onwards, so...) with Kirk's chair (doubt it's the real McCoy [haha]), the Enterprise bridge, and the transporter.

Cos I was reading most of the stuff on the walls (but not the script), it took me about an hour or so. For the visually-inclined, of course they had costumes and props from the shows and the movies. (Did not realise that Shatner is not as tall as some of the other people...). It was a decent sized exhibition for RM20, I thought.

Of course there were souvenirs for sale, but it's slim pickings - no clothing items, so if you wanted t-shirts, you're out of luck. From what I can remember, lunch boxes (they used the term metal totes, haha) were RM50, playing cards (2 decks in a metal box) was RM50, Vulcan ears were RM20 (if you have aspired to be Spock..), pizza cutter (shaped like the Enterprise, duh) was in the RM90 range, postcards was RM5 each (cheaper to print your own :P), Cadet Manual was RM5, iron-on patch, cheapo plastic tumbler...

I was about to walk away empty handed until I saw the keychains (RM12) and collar pins (RM18) on the counter, even that was pretty slim pickings, but I got a collar pin anyway.

If you're a fan, you have until the end of March to check it out.