Thursday, 17 January 2013

GO Waterless Car Wash [Groupon MY]

Heard about the waterless car wash idea in Malaysia for a few years now, but of course was too cheap to  try it out for myself. So when a Groupon deal came up, I snapped one up to finally try... 

Scheduling was a little tricky - I got a call on Saturday (while I was out) asking if I could reschedule from Sunday evening at home to Tuesday morning. I said okay, but now it would involve a change of venue because it's a work day and it's not like I can hang around at home. I told them that it would be parked on so-and-so street but didn't say where exactly. 

Come Tuesday morning (I got 10 a.m.) and the guys only came around 12.30 p.m. (they said they were coming from Wangsa Maju, which would definitely take some time, but they were on motorcycles with some heavy equipment [generator/power source for the vacuum]). If I had paid full price I would have been annoyed, but I hung around in the shade to watch them do their thing, paid the extra RM2 (for vacuuming) and gave them the Groupon and off they went. I almost literally bent over backwards to accommodate their schedule, and it still happened to me. Oy vey. This would have majorly ticked off some people I know.

How was the result? Not too bad for a one-time thing, I suppose, but I think I'll stick to the water lah, especially the latter steps of claying, polishing, etc.