Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week 50, 2012

Another rainy week in monsoon land. But not in a bad way.
  • After a few months of BSODs, I finally had to take the 5 year old HP laptop to the shop Wednesday evening to get it reformatted and serviced (it was dusty as heck and don't get me started on the overheating) when it finally could not reboot. Definitely misheard the dude when I thought he said it was gonna be RM260 to diagnose and reformat. Never happier to mishear something as it turns out that it was just RM160 to format and service the laptop. Never had to go to Digital Mall more times this week than I had in the last few months or even year. But they went and installed Vista *headdesk*, so I spent Saturday night inadvertantly creating a partition when I didn't clean out the Vista and installing 32-bit Windows 7 by myself (no idea how to get it to 64-bit), and getting stuff back together. My last backup was not recent (last year), but it was better than bubkes (only put the music and stuff back). And of course, no Microsoft Office. Oh well. Got it back on Saturday after going back on Thursday to back up the user profile unto external hard drive.
  • Another school shooting in America. This time in Connecticut. Damn their right to bear arms.
  • Dropped by the swap meet at The Bee in Jaya One on Saturday. One of the items I managed to get was someone's old pair of Levi's Red Tab. I don't know if they're real (fake Levi's are everywhere) or if they're even jeans for females, but what the heck - they fit :P Not sure if I want to keep them yet.
  • Also managed to drop by the DKSH warehouse sale while I was in the area. Not much left by Saturday afternoon. Unless they're restocking, there's not much for Sunday's crowd, no...?