Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week 49, 2012

Another rainy week this monsoon season - it's taken to only raining in the evenings, which makes it more of a bitch for commuters driving the roads. But on the plus side, who needs air conditioning to sleep now?
  • Raided the Big Bad Wolf Books sale on Saturday and... didn't buy much.
  • Finally got to spend some time in Mines Shopping Fair or whatever it's called now as otherwise have no real reason to go there anyway...
  • Also managed a couple hours at PC Fair on Sunday. Admittedly, an exercise (literally and figuratively) in masochism, covering both upstairs and downstairs in under a couple of hours with the crowd.
  • Could hardly believe Andrew Zimmern (host of Bizzare Foods) is following lil ol' me on the Twittersphere. Well, him or whoever is running his Twitter account anyway :P