Sunday, 2 December 2012

Week 48, 2012

Slow week. Rainy week. Also crazy hot week. Quiet week otherwise.
  • The Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook is now available in Malaysia at Cziplee. Haven't checked the other retailers to see if they have them. I still want the Shanghai Tang Moleskine.
  • Spent 10 minutes (tops) in line to exchange yet another empty shampoo bottle on Saturday at the second home. Out-auntied some aunties, even.
  • Got fed up trying to use the RM50 Levi's voucher that I dumped it with the SAs at the KLCC store. Who knew you could get ladies Levi's jeans for under RM250?!
  • Holiday drinks, gift sets and mall decorations are upon us. Oh boy :P
It's all I got this week - leaving out the even more mo liew things that happened this past week.