Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 46, 2012

Two public holidays this week - which meant that people could either take any of the other three days off for about a full week's holiday or either Monday or Friday for a 3-day weekend. I didn't exercise any of those options.
  • Got a free frapp from Starbucks on Tuesday.
  • Saw the Coldplay concert film, Live 2012, at the local cineplex Tuesday night.
  • I won a Chilli's voucher from BSC.
  • Actually lined up at the local Domino's for 10 cent regular-sized pizza. Me being me, I ended up paying more than 10 cents because I wanted a crust upgrade :P BUT THE CRUST WAS SOO GOOD... and it was still cheaper than upgrading it on top of the usual price.
  • Finally used the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Groupon I bought (RM100 cash voucher for RM50) at the Citta Mall outlet with the family on Friday night.
  • Tried both GO KL bus lines on Thursday, while also finally checking the H&M store at Lot 10 too. Like the free onboard Wi-Fi. Now lazy buggers like me don't even have to hoof it from KLCC to Pavilion anymore, I can just bus it :P ROFL
  • Attended a kenduri kahwin on Saturday in a part of Shah Alam I had never been to before. Besides the usual dishes at these things, there was also a table of bubur, kuih and a soft-serve ice cream machine. Sadly, I missed out on the latter :(