Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chicago Rib House, 1U [Groupon MY]

Redeemed a group buy voucher for a meal consisting of a half-rack of ribs (with choice of 2 sides), soup of the day, and bottomless soft drink at the Chicago Rib House in 1U on Sunday because there was no dinner at home.

Got there after 7 p.m. and things were a little busy. Lucky for them I didn't mind sitting at the bar. The soup of the day reminded me of the very peppery pig stomach soup (at least I think there are bits of pork in it...), which came in a coffee cup size bowl, which I didn't mind much because you're not supposed to fill up on soup :P

Probably waited about 10 minutes tops for the main event: honey garlic ribs, with greens and mashed potatoes on the side.

The ribs were really tender, and the delicious, cheese-sprinkled mash had a realistic texture (read: not mashed potato powder smooth). In retrospect, I probably should've gone with the cole slaw instead of the veg. What I'm disturbed by was the fact that I managed to finish - it was like the quarter chicken meal...