Saturday, 4 February 2012

Coldplay - Charlie Brown (VIDEO)

Crazy colours, a cute young couple in love, some parkour and Coldplay at a rave? What's not to love?

The accompanying video to the next single Charlie Brown was released to the world yesterday. Charlie Brown the track I had loved from the first listen of the album (and when Coldplay was playing the song on just about every other TV show before the album came out). And yes, it was named after the Peanuts character.

I thought it was going to be another straight live performance video (which is a lazy cop out, even if they're great to watch live), but this I could live with.

Honestly, this is one song that everyone who catches them on tour will whole heartedly sing along to. Or perhaps it's just me. I just might shed a tear if I hear this live.

Anyhow, check the song and video out.