Monday, 15 August 2011

UPDATE: Fabulous Tan Debacle

To recap: I bought a waxing voucher in MARCH at Fabulous Tan in Midvalley via ILoveDiscounts, which I've not been able to redeem even to this day. I've complained to ILoveDiscounts and I've even heard back from the manager of Fabulous Tan (via email), who was gracious enough to give another free session on top of the deal, valid until the end of the year. He also promised to call (yeah right) to schedule. Even I haven't called them back since cos there are other places for me to check out. 

Today (in AUGUST, mind you), I got an email from ILoveDiscounts asking for name and bank details so they could issue a refund. I think I can safely say I can't have been the only complainant in this matter. Funny how it took them FIVE months to resolve this and issue refunds. Oh well, at least I'm getting some money back.

Edit: Got the refund. Thanks, ILoveDiscounts.

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