Friday, 26 August 2011

Podcast review: Mike & Tom Eat Snacks

Heard about this podcast on another podcast and I think I saw this in the iTunes podcast directory earlier at some point, so I thought I give it a whirl. I think I've heard enough episodes to "review" it now.
It is called...

The first letter of every word in the title spells out MATES. I was like, "Woah, WTF".

If the title wasn't self-explanatory enough, it is basically Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh (of Ed  fame) get together with a snack of the week, where they taste, discuss and give a numerical rating for said snack. There's also a long meandering chat about who-knows-what before they actually taste and rate the snack.

The snacks are those you can find in America, so I'm tuning in to find out whether they'll tackle non-American snacks on the show at some point. They stumbled unto a great idea, as there's plenty to go in the snack food market - they'll never run out of ideas. For something that's less than 40 minutes long, it's not a bad way to kill time. Just a warning: there is explicit language for an audio podcast with such an innocuous title.

They keep referring to the listeners as "viewers", so don't worry, it is an AUDIO, not VIDEO podcast.

Yes, you can find it on iTunes.