Friday, 12 August 2011

Mylo Xyloto? Really?

Saw on the social media sites that Coldplay finally announced the name of their upcoming CD - Mylo Xyloto, which is coming out 24 October. 

Yeah, the name's a mouthful and needs some getting used to.

First, what the heck were they ON when they decided to name the album that? Really? At least The King of Limbs has an origins story, what is Mylo Xyloto?

The name is one thing, they also released the cover art...

Right now I'm trying to imagine myself asking for this at the nearest Chinaman record shop, Victoria Music (which for some reason or another, has a couple copies of new albums at a lower price than the rest of the stock, which I always seem to find. Not that I'm complaining) - If I said "Mylo Xyloto", would they get it or would I have to ask for "new Coldplay album"? I'll probably end up doing the latter. Hopefully I spot it on the shelf before I would have to ask for it.

As I type this, fans are feverishly breaking down the cover artwork for "clues". I can't be bothered anymore. 

Out September 12 would be the next single from Mylo Xyloto called Paradise. Can't wait to hear it.