Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Merdeka Raya this year

This year both the Raya and Merdeka celebrations are close to each other - the first day of Syawal on the 30th and Merdeka on the 31st. Everything slowed down over the weekend and on Monday, so I went to Midvalley then by public transport.

First day of Raya is a little slow, owing that I don't really have anyone to visit and I can't be arsed with the open house going on at the palace (which caused the 3km long jam along Jalan Istana) or the PM's official residence in Putrajaya. Mum made beef rendang and nasi lemak from scratch... yes, even the sambal.

So I do what I usually do during the bi-annual mass exodus: go to Pavilion. Or Jalan Bukit Bintang, same thing. Waited about half an hour (I think - wasn't keeping track of time; not including waiting in line to order) for bubble tea at Ochado at Tokyo Street - I think it's just because they're swamped, but I've had better :P But the thing is, when is there NEVER a line at that place? I also bought a RM4 mochi at the Mochi Sweet Shop, and after having had it... not something I would have for a while. 

Even stopped at Levain (also not very crowded at late evening) on Jalan Delima on the way home and bought half a loaf of their Maple Log bread. Also not much left at that hour and I don't think they were doing anymore baking then. I may not be a bread connoisseur, but I am a sucker for pastry and dessert.

Traffic was pretty smooth, save for certain roads. When I saw the traffic at the Jalan Imbi junction, I took a turn and took another route home.

Wonder where to go Merdeka day.