Wednesday, 17 August 2011

MACC's Three and a Half Men, PJLA

Despite the heavy pouring rain, I made it to Jaya One in record time - did it have anything to do with today being a state holiday? Perhaps. 

After I collected my ticket (with my name and phone number printed on it) at the box office, there's only so much one can do at Jaya One when you're not there to eat or by yourself not stuffing your face. So I nursed a tall, skinny hot chocolate at Starbucks until about 8.45 p.m. and waited for the doors to open in the lobby (The Bee a bit too expensive to kill time lah). I was the first sad sack to enter and be seated, which was the only pain in the neck about being in the aisle seat, because it means having to let the rest of the people in your row through and hearing a lot of "excuse mes" in the process. I should have just picked the seat on the OTHER END, the one further from the door...

The show kicked off with Dr Jason who was (effectively) the audience fluffer with his 5 minutes (I think) about Chinese guys vs Indian guys with regards to Chinese girls which ended with a brief history lesson. But  it's still funny, I'll give him that. And no, I've not heard his stand up before.

Chi Ho's set touched a little on the touchy relationship between Malaysia and Singapore (amongst other things), and had me in tears of laughter, which I can assure anyone who doesn't know me in real life that it is a good thing. I didn't really know what a tiger show in Thailand was until I heard his bit about it. Thanks, dude - good to know :P

Jenhan rehashed some of his material (from his one man show, maybe?), but still funny. And you've got to check out the crazy shoes he has on... though I'm not sure if he'll wear them for the entire run. Let me know.

Douglas Lim's set was political - he went on about the politics, politicians, the recent rally that the gahmen want to sweep under carpet...dan lain-lain. and it's never a Douglas Lim MACC set without him singing a parody song: this song this time was to the tune of When You Say Nothing At All, made famous by Ronan Keating. You have to hear it for yourself - I hope someone recorded it and upload to YouTube or what. Yes, he also touched on the 8TV PSA brouhaha.

The random thoughts:

  • They were playing the parody promo video for THIS show (which I've embedded for you, and you're welcome) while people were being seated, as well as (I think) some other videos that one can find on YouTube which I otherwise have never seen before.
  • the show got a little political, even though the title is a take on Two and a Half Men. And yes, I groaned a little when I heard the 2.5 Men theme song played before Dr Jason came on. 
  • I didn't really understand the presence of FURNITURE on the stage until later, and even then I thought it was a little superfluous. Oh well.
  • Femes people sighted: Mr and Mrs Patrick Teoh, Harith Iskander and his missus.
  • I was in the same row as Patrick Teoh and his wife in the PJLA Live Card members' row.
All that aside, MACC's Three and a Half Men is tears-down-my-face good, and I would recommend that you go see it except that the entire run has sold out. But I hear that they might restage it next year with bonus material, so if you missed out this time, try to get tickets then. Good luck. 

In the mean time, check out the promo music video they made for this show...

PS. They don't have sponsors this time [if you've seen the bottom right corner of the poster, you'll notice that it's sponsored by "Nobody :("], so do help them out by buying the poster for RM5 after the show, which will be signed.

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