Sunday, 28 August 2011

Book Fest @ Malaysia 2011

Took the train down to this year's POPULAR bookstore's Book Fest @ Malaysia yesterday, happening at the KL Convention Centre from yesterday (27th Aug) to 4th September with the intention to check out the Russell Lee book signing that was happening that day (the line was so long and slow-moving, I gave up cos I was still feeling a little meh from the cold and also from  the soporific meds I was on).

For RM2.50, you pay for entrance/catalogues to both the books downstairs and also the lifestyle (stationery, etc) stuff upstairs at most POPULAR outlets or also on site at the ticketing counters. Already bought my "tickets" beforehand, all I had to do was get them stamped as well as a wristband for myself. 

For what you pay for, there's some stuff to see and buy, but I only came out with the latest instalment of True Singapore Ghost Stories (#21; RM12 after the 25% discount) and also the latest Bunny Suicides book, Dawn of the Bunny Suicides (RM12.90 promo price; UK paperback edition).

Dawn of the Bunny Suicides
Not quite this, but you get the gist
Ventured upstairs to Level 3 to see the stationery and gadgets are there and I made one of the more frivolous (really) but otherwise cute purchases I have made in a while - whether I'll use them is another matter. 

Yes, those are rabbit-, pig- and penguin-shaped paperclips
Animal-shaped paperclips. Only because it was RM6 for any 3 of these (there were also unicorn, dog, elephant, dolphin, female outline, airplane...). And I was in line for at least 15 minutes to pay for these AT THE CASH COUNTER. Sigh. That's also because some auntie bought a boatload of stuff (30 items, at least), which kept the cashier busy. 
If there is one thing to hate about the Book Fest, it's the long lines to pay for stuff, even with cash. I wish there was an express lane like they do at the supermarket for under 10 items or something. Not every visitor is a big spender.